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Alcohol Or Drug Addiction?

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​About MPI Treatment

​Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Helpline

​MPI are an addiction treatment advice specialist helpline, providing complimentary phone guidance to those seeking help for addiction, such as alcohol or drug misuse, or behavioural addiction such as bulimia, gambling, shopping, or other compulsive, non-voluntary behaviours.

Do you or a loved one have issues with alcohol or drugs, and need help?

Our advisers will ask questions to ascertain needs, for yourself or a loved one, in order to arrive at the best options for you.

Depending on specifics, such as geolocation, history with addiction, previous treatments, etc, we can advise on paid and, sometimes, complimentary options.

Help is a phone call away:

We've worked with hundreds (if not thousands) of families over the years and can probably help you.

​Our advice is free. However in the interests of full disclosure we may be recompensed should you be admitted to a recommended treatment provider. This helps fund our costs of operation such as staffing, IT equipment, and day-to-day running expenses.

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​We offer treatment options provided by a network of clinics, based on your needs. Long term addiction recovery, after you leave the clinic, will depend on multiple factors, and permanent sobriety cannot be guaranteed.